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Prof. Dr. Benedikta Gräfin v. Deym-Soden

Born in 1953, married, Organizational Consultant and Mediator.

Diplomagraringenieur (M.A.Agric.Engineering), Ph.D. in agr.sc., Training in International Organization and Systems Development, NLP-Master-Practitioner, part-time M.A.-Program in Intercultural Relations, Qualification as Trainer for Body-Language and Theatre, Mediation-Training in Steyerberg, Germany (Sander und Hatlapa) and for Intercultural Mediation in USA (Hammer, LeBaron, McCrae).

Managerial career in international industry with positions at various levels of management, including strategic. Executive position in Industrial Corporation operating globally since 1900. Working Residency in Italy (8 y.), extensive working experience with partners in F, E, USA, UK. Business trips and business relationships with partners in numerous other countries, amongst them Eastern Europe, PRChina, RSA, Zimbabwe, Japan. Increasing focus on international business cooperation and on global strategic alliances. International business negotiations, building and leading globally dispersed teams, management of complex systems.

Operating through her own consultancy, which serves German and international organizations and corporations, administrative bodies and their members. Special focus on Intercultural Organization Development, Intercultural Mediation and on Coaching. Serving in professional associations, e.g. SIETAR, Bundesverband Mediation (BM) e.V. (German Professional Association of Mediators).
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